Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some Work

This week is going to be a mad rush doing all the final versions of things. Here's a couple of bits I did today.

Here's the final version of my map. I tried aging it to kind of bring that western feel to it. The text looks a little naff but I kind of liked it, I don't get to use Western fonts very often. I love that folded map texture too, I want to use it on everything!

I've also been working on turnarounds. I thought I'd only get one done today but I've churned out two and will probably sketch out another ready for colours tomorrow. Umm..it's probably best you don't look at them too closely, there's a few things I need to address with them.

Here's a page from my comic too. Due to time constraints, I'm only able to do a rough black and white version, but the tutors are constantly telling me to loosen up my drawings and this has been really good practice. Plus I have some design work for it which I'm really happy with.

So yeah, more to come this week hopefully. Sending some good vibes to my class too as the deadline is coming up...