Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lots of Things

Hey folks, been trying to keep the ball rolling to get the collab done. I have quite a bit still left to do but I'm pretty happy with how it's all going, I'm just hoping the animators I'm working with are happy too.

Here are some more of Sian's. The wall one with the candles and things will have a few changes done to it, I think Sian has a candle design in mind. These will be done soon (I believe there's one left to complete).

Here's a few more of Darren's too...

It's nearing the end so I'm really excited about seeing these backgrounds in the animation and it all looking awesome. I don't need to remind you to check out these guy's blogs too. Links are above and to the side...

Here's a new background I'm working on too. I have a real hard time with interiors! It's something I definitely need to practice. I haven't finished blocking out the colours yet and there's no shading, I'll have all that done tomorrow.

I should put on my anorak and galoshes, and make sure to grow a pair of antlers, so I can take over neptune with my sidekick, the amazing super rainman bear squid..

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