Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Coloured Line Up

Here are the character silhouettes (I googled how to spell that word. That is a stupid word to try and spell). I think the space helmets help make them a bit more interesting.

I haven't done any colour tests yet, I did these base colours and decided they worked to I'll go back and do some variations. I don't think the final colours will change much from these ones. In the first image the colours are pretty desaturated, so I saturated them and decided they worked better.

Here's the obligatory 'neon' version too. I need to try these on some backgrounds I think.

Feedback is more than welcome!


  1. These are really nice. They work very well together. My absolute favourite thing is the tape on the bad guy's helmet. Says a lot about his character. Nice touch!

  2. I want the action figures of these guys! And I agree with Thomas, the tape makes the design, well thought out!