Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I was going to do some nice background paintings this evening, but I managed to do something really stupid and leave my Wacom pen at my friend's house, so I had to use my old Wacom and well...it's just not working out.

Here a sketch of a bad guy type thing. Um...it was really, really quick.

Here's a test background I've been working on for Sian's film. There will be a more cleaned up and finalised version created for the actual film, but for now this is a start. It's been nice using Illustrator again! All the shadows and things were added on Photoshop.

Tangled was pretty awesome too. How on Earth they got such varied, accurate expressions on those characters is beyond me. Also, the backgrounds were boooootiful. I so badly wanna paint a forest at some point!

Alllso, this is my 292nd post! I wanna have a 300th post party this week when I should hit that milestone...

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