Friday, 28 January 2011

Radioactive Swamp

Mmm..something finished looking and polished. Feel much better now.

I've been coming up with clever ways of lighting Mars for Red Rock. I was going to design pages of futuristic street lights and things, but then my tutor said something about glowing rocks in the mine I was designing, and it gave me an idea. I'm going to make lots of natural, organic, radioactive light sources, and design glowing plants and lakes and things. It would all fit into the story because of the nuclear explosion. Also, I can use all sorts of colours, not just oranges and reds.

So, I drew this swamp background and coloured in the day colours. I thought it would be nice to make all the day images 'normal' looking, but then all the nasty radioactive stuff would glow and be pretty at night. I also had a go at adding a blue Mars sunset, just so my research didn't go to waste.

I left my fineliners in Uni, so I had to use a really thick pen I have here. My final backgrounds will have thinner lines.

"I seeee todaay with a....newsprint...frraaay myyy night is cooolouurreeed....headache greey DAAAAYYYsleeperrrrr..."