Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Props and Things

I've been spending time getting my collab sorted, so I've been putting Red Rock on hold for a few days. I'm back to doodling concepts for it now, and will hopefully have some nice colourful things to put up soon! I'm also getting some of Sian's backgrounds done, so may put those up tomorrow once I've finished wrestling with Illustrator. I don't think it enjoyed me neglecting it these last few months.

I've decided to focus on the things of Red Rock..like the vehicles and the props. Here they are! Ew, so rough.

So! I had this idea of getting the old western style carriages and mashing them up with moon buggies and creating these kind of rugged, neon, LCD screened, horse drawn ur...things. I want the world to be as bizarre as possible, and I want people to look at the carriages and think they're rediculous and make no sense.

I'm going to design some different 'breeds' of robot horse too, so there will be the normal horses, some 'evil' looking ones, and some really beefed up ones which will be used to pull the carts and stuff. I need to refine the protagonist's horse too to make his individual.

As for the props, think lots of rusty steel and bolts. I don't want anything to have a nice clean cut - it's all going to be uneven and jagged and worn.

OH! This is absolutely the most awesome awesome news in the world! This guy invented a new heart valve implant and saved his own life, and the lives of many others. This guy is my hero, cause I have a similar disorder to the one in the article, which causes the same heart condition. Click me!


  1. Huzah! sketches from the highly polished one! :P those look tickedy boo smashing!