Friday, 7 January 2011


Hey there ladies and gents! Here are some logos. I would love some feedback and to know which ones are working for you. I personally like the rusty ones but maybe it'll be better to go simple and scribbly.

I also found these guys. I don't know what they are but they had been discarded until now. Into the Pre Production folder they go...

I've only got 2 more things left to do on my Pre Production checklist then I'm all done and ready for hand in. Woohoo! It feels very good indeed!

...and look, here's a cat! =^. .^=

I'm going to go and consume MORE SUGAR!


  1. I really like the top one, the third from the top, and the third from the bottom on the right. Although I think the third from the top is my favourite! Not to complicated and fits well with the style of your work.

  2. Awesome, thanks Luke!! That's the sort of feedback I needed :) Just need to decide whether I want to go for the rusty one or the scribbly one now...time to decide later I guess!