Monday, 10 January 2011

Jellyfish Lady

I enjoyed painting that octopus so much I thought I'd do another underwater picture. This time with a girl with headphones on swimming in a sea full of jellyfish. In her bikini. She's either gonna get electrocuted by her headphones or stung to death.

I've been watching alot of Adventure Time lately and I sorta borrowed one of the faces from it for this. I love the style so much! Damn you Pendleton Ward for being so awesome! With your epic beard too!

Production begins tomorrow. I've just made myself an awesome playlist and got myself all psyched up for it! I just had to fork out £25 for spare Wacom nibs though, cause all of mine are running down so quickly. Unimpressed. Hopefully these will see me through to at least March...ha.

Edit: Fixed up the lighting a little and added bubbles!


  1. hey, real nice but I prefer the lighting of the first one......bubbles are cool though