Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I was gagging to play around with a new style so I don't limit myself stylistically. My main goal as a designer-y, colour-y person is to be diverse! I dug out some of the artists that I discovered last year which I stored for moments like this. One of my favourite artists is Kevin Dart (lovelovelove), and after rediscovering his stuff, I wanted to have a go at something influenced by his style.

This lady likes money. That handgun is most certainly handbag sized.

Back to After Effects. I think I love my tablet more than Red Dead...yes THAT much. Ooh! I'm also very excited about the visit to Studio AKA next week!

ALSO I hope Stuart gets kicked off the Apprentice tonight. Grrrrr he's such an idiot! He makes my soul angry. EDIT: URGh. Another week of him >: (

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