Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I've been working on backgrounds today, and I think I've now sorted out the ones I'm going to use. Here they are with a bit of colour tweaking to get them to look coherent:

I got a bit worried that they weren't going to work very well, so just to put my mind at rest, I added some blurs and put some characters on, just to get a better idea of what I'm aiming for. These are obviously pretty quick, but I'm feeling a bit better about achieving what I want now. Should look alot nicer once I've finished them on After Effects and used the Lens Blur on Photoshop in Uni. I lack suitable equipment at home! I'm looking forward to adding all the lighting and animated blurs and stuff on After Effects.

I have a possible title for the space western. I got suggested Red Rock, which is super simple but I think that's all it needs to be, and I really like it. I kind of like the word 'Crooked', so if I can't fit that in the title maybe it can get in as some form of place name. Crooked Rock? Crooked Rust? I dunno. I think I still like Red Rock.

I've played a grand total of 11 minutes on Amnesia (game...) before nearly wetting myself. Creepiest game I've played in a long time!

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