Saturday, 4 September 2010

Next Year's Idea...

Since my space western idea has gone out the window, I've spent the last few days coming up with a new idea, as well as drawing shed loads of dinosaurs and people with lasers and coding stuff on Flash.

I want something that will make my art of book stand out and give it some kind of order. I've been feeling incredibly inspired by certain films (SCOTT PILGRIM!) and music I've been listening to lately, and an idea came to me yesterday which I think may work nicely, and it's something a little different.

So I was raiding the bookshelf upstairs and I came across some of the tour guides I've bought from the numerous concerts I've been to. They're all kind of the same, there's like an introduction to the bands, then tonnes of photographs, then maybe some of the band having fun in a studio somewhere, and then a bunch of thankyou's at the end.

Some of them are nicely designed, if not a little vague. I began thinking how nice it would be to redesign one of them and give it a revamp.

My previous idea was going to be a cowboy in space who travels through time. I still wanna do the time traveling thing, but I'm thinking I could make up a band and my art of book could be designed like their tour guide. The band would travel to different decades, so I could still have my retro/1950's stuff in there, plus dinosaurs, plus robots, plus other stuff I could think of, and they could tour to different planets and stuff. Instead of 'World Tour!' think 'Universal Tour!'

The book itself would be designed like their tour guide, but the contents would be a mix of the narrative and the artwork itself. For example, if the tour starts on earth in 2010, I could have an introduction to the band and then some mock ticket stubs and stuff, and then the pages would have all the concept sketches and whatever else I need to put in it. I could also do my 3D stuff if they tour to like a monster apocalypse type thing. I'd also really like to design a fold out map of where they tour with a little bus icon on it and a dotted line showing their tour dates and things.

Because we need to come up with a narrative, it would be a kind of 'Spinal Tap' type thing. I think it would be cool if the members were from different planets and decades and stuff, so there would be lots of sci-fi and lots of different designs. I want them to be like the Universe's greatest music act, so the lead singer would have his ego, and the guitarist would have all the ladies, and the bassist would get really drunk, and the keyboardist would be super-awesome, and the drummer would like to hit stuff. I'd design like an awesome rocket ship/tour bus too. They'd have to have an epic bust up half way through and almost 'split up'. All the rock band cliche's will be in there!

Yeah I know I've written quite alot. This is the first time I've written it down properly, so it's probably all over the place.

So yeah, that's a vague kind of idea thing I've got. I need to slow down and come up with something else before my brain finialises this idea. No brain! Bad!

Of course, Daft Punk will be my main source of musical inspiration once again. Daft Punk, I may be sick of you this time next year so lets make our time together worthwhile. I'd love the members to all be from different musical backgrounds. No one's actually going to ever hear their music, so I want people to imagine it sounding like a complete mash of stuff.

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