Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Flash and Third Year!

Not been so active the last couple of days. That's because I've now started 3rd year! I've managed to shake my body clock into a normal, human routine too so my bed time is now 11.30. No more 3am posts for me...

I don't really have much stuff to post up now. I'll have some things this weekend hopefully when I start thumbnailing concepts and stuff for the Flash project (I already have a few pages of stuff but I'm supposed to be researching and playing around on CS4 so shh!)

The only thing I had on my computer to show you now is the unfinished version of the jungle background I did a while back. This version is so gross and flat the the colours are so wrong! Thank god for gradients...

I have a teensy bit of Flash here too. This is part of my final major project from college! Three whole years ago now...so scary. I decided to do an interface type thingamajig with animations.

The story was something to do with a volcano and these ancient animals living on it. The animals used to worship the volcano and stuff and then one day they all stopped worshipping it and forgot it was there. The user hears all these tales and from the animals and then decides whether or not to blow up the volcano. It was alot of work! I had all these cutscenes and bits with all the animals as ghosts and all lava and stuff everywhere.

You can play around with the rough version here
. All you need to do is click on stuff and there's an arrow hidden away to the right that lets you slide the background across. I dunno where the final version is but if I ever find it I'll be sure to blog it.

I'm going to make a more 'adult' version next week with a different story and style and whatnot. If I'm allowed to that is...

In the mean time, it's 15 minutes past my bed time. Need to get up early for Uni! Yay!

..stuff stuff stuff.

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