Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Drawing practice...and film answer!

I managed to get one of those gross 24 hour vomiting bug things which has decided to leave me at piece today, which I am most thankful for. I was worried I would still be oozing fluids on Friday when I'm supposed to be seeing Muse.

Ickyness aside, I decided to get some drawing practice in. My weak points are definitely hands and feet so I concentrated on those. Next time it'll be more awkward hand/foot positions and some body poses.

These were drawn from some photos on this Cardiff Life Drawing thingy I follow on Facebook. Super useful reference on there! I know these sketches aren't great, but I'm gonna get loads of practice in for when I go back to Uni and do proper naked-person life drawing again. Woo!

My aim is to revisit these drawings in a few months and see how awesome I've gotten...hopefully!

My Mum came back from Hong Kong this morning with gifts! I got a Chinese scarf (yup, another scarf! This one is 100% silk so it will be saved for special occasions), a sandalwood thing which you hang up and it smells like incense, and a massive bag of these weird sweets. There are some normal flavoured ones, like blackcurrant, and strawberry, and mango, and then, and I kid you not, KIDNEY BEAN flavoured ones. Trust me, the taste stays with you for a long time...the best ones are the coconut milk ones. Taste just like the inside of Bountys! Mmm.

Oh, and in response to my last entry, the answer was, of course, Twister! The winner was *drumroll* Darren! and in close second waaas *drumroll* Luke! I'm afraid there are no prizes, but I'm pretty sure I'll have some kidney bean flavoured sweets left over if you like...

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