Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cyborg Girl?

I really wanted to use my new textures! The girl was originally in a very orange 70's retro catsuit thing, but when I put the texture on the catsuit I was like "CYBORG!" so I changed the colours and gave the whole thing this Tron-esque background with glowing lines and sci-fi type stuff. I also went backwards a little bit and did the whole think lines/thin lines style again. I promise I won't touch it again now.

I'm pretty pleased with it! I felt like my creativity had dried up and all it took was a few textures to get it going again.

Although, I can't stop thinking this could be a new look for Lady Gaga...nah, she wears raw bacon and stuff now.

On a random side note, I've just realised how much I use the word 'stuff'. Even my blog is titled 'Amy's Stuff'. Next blog entry I'm going to try not to write 'stuff' once. I will most probably fail and stuff though.

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