Monday, 23 August 2010

Some OLD work

I had another blog which I used for a project we did in the second year, but I've just deleted it in an attempt to de-clutter my online workspace. Since everything I've been doing lately has been going onto this blog, I thought I'd upload some of the stuff that was on there just to keep it all together.

Here are some E4 Sting turnarounds. I feel like I cheated a little bit considering these characters are ridiculously simple, but I guess it made everything alot easier to work with.

I tried to upload my actual E4 sting but it didn't work, so I'll probably put it up eventually somehow.

Before the Final Major Project, us art-stranders were told to design a pitch for an animated TV show/Film. I decided my target audience would be 7-12 year old, Cartoon Network-watchers. I designed something that I could easily research (viruses - my Mum's a microbiologist) and that I could write numerous episodes with, and in a really commercial style, to fit the audience. It also had to be quirky and silly and a little bit of harmless violence, cause that's the kind of stuff I used to like watching.

I can't find my actual pitch (it was made on Flash, and has gone missing somewhere on the hard drive, and searching 'pitch' and 'final pitch' etc. hasn't been too successful) so I couldn't tell you the whole back story. So here are some images! It was about a scientist who is trying to rid this city of an evil virus king or something. Kind of sucks a little bit now!

If I manage to find the final pitch, I will put it on here.

As for stuff I'm working on at the moment, I've had a few days off. I've been doing little bits and pieces for my Portfolio though. I'll get back to sketching and stuff next week in Uni.

Now for other news. Yesterday me and my friends were messing about with Photo Booth ('cause that's what yer do when you've got a mac) and we took some pictures of my kitten, along with some really stupid ones of us :) This one was pretty epic though:

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