Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lunar Sciencey Thing

I watched Moon again last night, cause I really felt like drawing something spacey and more mature than my usual stuff. I also go hold of the soundtrack, for some extra inspiration. Clint Mansell, you make my ears so happy!

I wanted to do a background, cause I'll be drawing and colouring lots of backgrounds next year, and they've gotta be super good cause they're going to be for final year films, so I need all the practise I can get, especially in the lighting, texture and colour pallet departments.

So, I've just drawn this. Took me literally hours to clean it up. I messed up the fence a little bit but hopefully no one will notice too much...

I'm in the process of colouring it in. Fingers crossed it will come out alright. The big round thing behind the mountain on the left is my main light source, so I'm gonna have to figure out how that light will go through the dome in the middle. Plus there are gonna be lights and stuff on around the city. I'm not too bothered about getting the lighting perfect cause's space! It can be weird if it wants. I really wanna get the colours and stuff right. I want it to look great as a thumnail, so I may spend some time on some colour keys.

This is the edited version. I've made the lines darker and stuff. My scanner let me down again though, cause the lines look hideous at 100%. If I start noticing stuff wrong with it when colouring, I might go into Uni tomorrow and use the scanners there.

Now though, food! I may make more cakes afterwards too...

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