Friday, 6 August 2010

Jungle 2.0

This is a something I did for a Uni project where we had to design a background. At the time all I could just about colour stuff on Photoshop. This was before I learned how to put on textures and use gradients and use multiply and overlay and all that jazzy stuff I overuse on everything now.

At the time I was super proud of it, but now I hate it and hate looking at it and hate everything about it.

To prove I've made progress since, I've drawn the background again but tried to make it loads better. Okay, my drawing hasn't really improved, I've just tried to cram as much detail in as possible. I've spent the last 2 hours cleaning it up and have made so many mistakes! I kept drawing lines over the leaves and stuff. I blame listening to Daft Punk cause I was dancing a little bit. Hopefully when I attempt to colour it tomorrow it won't kill me!

Silent Hill 2 and fruit gums (gums IS a word stupid Firefox spellcheck) now I think! I'm in the hospital and I keep pooing myself whenever I go through a door. Not literally I should add. Those nurses are rather unpleasant... :(

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