Friday, 27 August 2010

Derek Yaniger

I went into Uni today and decided to try and get some research together for the dissertation which I..might have forgotten all about until Luke posted the brief up the other day...*cough*

I got a little bit side tracked though. I found a new artist that I wish I'd known about when I did my influence map!

Go here
and be amazed by his awesomely retro stuff! For those who are too lazy to change sites, here's some of the awesome:

I feel like I'm going backwards a bit. I spent all of last year looking at this kind of work, and I was hoping to move away from it. Well, you how the saying goes, you need to take a step back to leap forward.

I'm going to spend this weekend making that B Movie poster in a completely new style. I made myself possibly the happiest, funkiest iTunes playlist to work to as well!

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