Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cowboy vs Shrimp

I've been doodling some ideas for my Art Of book again. Naturally, I want it to include copious amounts of sci-fi, a super awesome protagonist, pages of glorious 3D and loooads of different styles.

I've decided I probably will use a bit of vector, but I want to do something different with it. Not sure what that will be as of yet. I've been practicing drawing hands and poses and things so I feel a little bit more confident with the pencil. I'd really like to include some awesome pencil sketches and stuff. My main goal is to be versatile, and to show I can do more than just vector.

So yeah, this was just a doodle, but I like the idea of a space western still. I think I'd enjoy designing loads of different creatures and stuff, plus it will give me a chance to practice drawing men, cause they're stupidly hard to draw.

I have no idea why it's a shrimp. It did start off and a dinosaur alien thing. Thought I'd include the step-by-step progress too, just for fun.

Feel free to leave comments. Would be appreciated!

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