Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another Thing To Vector

Wow, it's 3am. My sleep pattern is good n' ruined.

I've been digging out all my Pixar Art Of books lately for some much-needed inspiration. Today I rediscovered all the Incredibles art and I forgot just how inspiring it is! So I ditched my previous vector thing (with the robot. I may go back to it in a few days) and started a new one. This is the rough sketch I did today. I'm gonna do the vectors in Illustrator tomorrow in Uni, cause the screens are so big and lovely (not that my Mac screen is any less lovely. It's just a bit small...)

I've given my iPod a bit of a cleanse too, because I only listen to about a tenth of the stuff on there. Music helps me draw! I got the Inception soundtrack, which is stunning but makes everything so dramatic. I was sharpening a pencil and made it so intense. I've started listening to Anamanaguchi. They're kind of really annoying but addictive. I'm still listening to lots of Daft Punk too. They make me want to draw lots of things in space which is always good!

Although, hearing stuff is hard considering I'm STILL deaf in my left ear. It's now been a week. Apparently it's getting better though. I feel so stupid asking people to repeat stuff all the time. Ah well. Hopefully not long now.

Sleep now I think!

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