Monday, 12 July 2010

Narfail Colour + Texture Test

Here's a thing I did today:

I wanted to see what colours and textures worked so I can start building my backgrounds. I wanted to try out some overlays and multiply layers to get the depth right and see how much I could do without losing the simplicity I'm after. I didn't want it to look tacky either, so left the textures fairly transparent in places. Next thing to do is make my backgrounds and work out some layouts. I'm reusing alot of vectors, so will make sure the sizes all work out.

I've been doing all this in Uni, because next year I want to avoid bringing in my laptop. It means I've been having to get used to using Windows again. I keep forgetting that I can use right+click now instead of ctrl+click! Excitement is here...yeah I still like my Mac.

Before that though - drawings! I've been drawing everything straight into Photoshop more or less and I kind of miss paper and pencils.

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