Tuesday, 20 July 2010


So apparently collaboration is kinda vital in the animation industry. Last year everyone collaborated on eachother's films, and next year we'll be doing the same thing. I'm doing the art (a.k.a. ultimate!) strand, so will be doing backgrounds for some of the animators again. Last year I worked with a billion people and my work load got pretty ridiculous, so this year I've chosen two animators to work with and that's it!

The first animator I will be working with will be Sian. You can follow her blog by clicking here!. She's been coming up with some ideas already so am looking forward to seeing them come together. I think I'll be doing all of Sian's backgrounds so I hope she trusts me...

The second animator I'll be working with is Darren. His blog can be found heeeeere!

I did a bit of collab with Darren last year. Here's a comic he drew, which I coloured. It was meant to be for this book thing which I don't know what happened to:

I hope I don't let these animators down.

Oh, it's almost my 100th blog entry. Dedication I say. I'll have a massive 100th blog entry party on Friday or something...or not.

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