Sunday, 25 July 2010

Boy and Monster

Something I've been working on today. I'm trying to get a good variety of lighting and shading techniques, and also want to work on giving my images 'realistic' depth and shadows. I've given myself two light sources to play around with in this picture, from completely different directions. I haven't quite finished this, I have loads more shadows and highlights to put on it. I'd say the shading is half done.

I'm finding it so difficult to light it from two directions, but I'll get there eventually. I'll post the finished version up tomorrow hopefully.

Yeeees it's vectored again. I did spend hours cleaning it up with fineliners, only for my scanner to demolish the effort. I couldn't save it on Photoshop cause all the lines just went pixelated and I nearly threw the tablet, laptop, headphones and kitten out of the window. It took me about 3 hours to vector it for some reason. It's not even a complicated drawing!

Sian has kindly lent me her PS2, so I'm now going to catch up on some much missed gaming.

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