Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Background Practise

I came into Uni today and was on my lonesome for a few hours, so thought I'd spend some time getting used to Photoshop CS3 and practise lighting a background. This is what happened. Yeah it's not incredibly original and I didn't spend enough time cleaning up the lines, but it's something to keep me going I guess. I tried to give it some atmosphere. Also, I drew something at night because the lighting can usually be more intense, even though all the colours I spent hours on have been desaturated. OH well! Feel free to leave feedback if you want, but I won't be changing anything because I didn't save the file and it's all gone now.

I still have alot to do before I can animate the narwhal thing. I probably need to stop procrastinating so much!

Here's something fun, too, since it's mid week. Cheap knock-offs of things! Personally, I think 'Little Panda Fighter' would have been a much better title...

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