Saturday, 17 July 2010

Art of Book Ideas

I've been trying to come up with a story for my Art Of book next year. We've got loads and loads of time to come up with something so I've just been coming up with themes. My friend Luke gave me some tips on story writing and said to start of with things I like. Here's a list...

Sci Fi
Storm Chasing
1950's Retro

So I kind of came up with this cowboy who is also a time traveler and goes to the past and there's dinosaurs, goes to the future for robots and...that's as for as I've gotten. The time traveling thing sorta reminds me too much of the Doctor Who stuff I did for the major project, so I feel a little bit sick to my stomach thinking of doing something like that again. I am also BANNING myself from using Illustrator for the whole project! I'll keep thinking. I have narwhals and movie posters to preoccupy my mind with at the moment.

Here's an obligatory left handed drawing of a dinosaur. I'm actually quite proud of my first time left handed attempt with the pen tool:

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