Friday, 12 February 2010

Collab Work

I've been plodding on with the redesign work after a much needed break from it to do some touching up on my Flash and Illustrator skills. I've been trying to fix up some facial features and get Donna and the Doctor 100% finalised so I can begin my turnarounds. I will post things up once they've been scanned!

Sweatbox session was nerve wracking (showing concept work I'm not sure about is not fun!) and got some tips on how to fix up my colour script. I think the direction I'm heading in with the character work seems to be the right one, so I'm confident I'll get some great final character designs up. Hopefully I'll be able to shake off the nerves ready for the next Sweatbox.

In the meantime, here is some of the collab work I've been getting on with. If I'm honest, I have mostly enjoyed this part of the brief, and have got stuck in with some background designs.

This was a really quick visual for Sian's film. I think the style doesn't suit her's at all, but perhaps the colour palette and staging could be used. The thumbnail I was given was coloured in markers and looked really nice, so I think a more traditional look is probably what's going to be used.

For Rhys's film I was asked to come up with some poster designs, influenced by retro, B-Movie style posters. I've already been colouring some the backgrounds, so tried to create something appropiate that would fit in with the colour scheme. I haven't yet tried this on a background, so will have to have a look if it works before I design any more. This was a challenge because I don't normally work in this much detail! But it's been great fun.

This background is *I think* the establishing shot to Michaela's film. I got stuck into this because Michaela's style seems to sit well with the style I'm comfortable working in. I really liked lighting this and will probably need to take out the monster shadows so they can be animated. The detail is a bit lost on the house, so will need to add a new shadow layer and get that back. Hoping it will look really good when it's done!

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