Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Concepts, roughs and some collab

The above image is a horribly green, brightly coloured concept design.

Basically, my idea for the Weeds title sequence is to do something based on things running like clockwork. I really like the original titles with all the people and cars and houses all being very concentric and everything being immaculate, so I've decided to take that on board when designing.

I want to take the clockwork thing quite literally, and have all these circles and things rotating. Also, I imagine everything being like fuzzy felt or a child's drawing; very brightly coloured and bold. I think it would be a really interesting contrast to the program, which is about a woman trying to raise her family in a very typical suburban setting (stepford wives comes to mind), but she's growing weed, mostly in secret. Also, many of the characters may seem perfect but they're ultimately corrupt.

I've drawn up a VERY rough storyboard, mainly to try and get my ideas down before I forget them!

Some of this notation (and the drawings, for that matter) are probably a little confusing!

I want to design a series of circles, with some kind of road and grassy area. I will probably design just the one house, and change the colours on it. I'm trying to bring across the immaculate setting and concentric-ness of the place, so even the people will look the same.

I'm designing six "characters" - a Stepford wife-type woman, a generic person, a graduate, a doctor, a lawer and a 'business executive' (which is mentioned in the theme song). These people will look very, very similar but have features to define them, such as the doctor having a labcoat and the lawyer having a briefcase. I pictured stick figures with those wind up devices on clockwork toys, which would just continuously turn on the character's backs.

The image below is another concept for one of the collaboration projects:
She wanted this stylistic deer/Unicorn hybrid, but whilst talking we realised how difficult it was to do this without making it too deer-like. I hope this is heading in the right direction!

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